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Description: You can choose from 3 different sizes for this one. The smallest size has measurements of 18×24 inches while the biggest one is 3×3 feet. With different size options, you can choose the one that suits your project site size better. Unlike other welding blankets made with fiberglass material, this one has carbon fiber material that is not just resistant to temperatures of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, it is also resistant to tears. In addition to its heating efficiency, it can also be relied on for its cooling abilities. Pros: This is a versatile blanket. You can drape it on equipment that you need to protect, put it in floor surfaces or use it as a cover or shield. It can protect you from not just splatter and sparks but also from slags. Other welding blankets can only protect work areas from small sparks or splatters but this one has a good amount of protection from slags as well. It is not harsh on the hands. It doesn’t chafe the hands since it is made from felt carbon fiber material. You can use it even when not wearing gloves. It folds down to a small size. It has good thermal properties. There were those who used it to cover their smokers and were able to peel it off as the blanket did not get too hot. It has a higher temperature protection. Its maximum temperature protection can go as high as 1800 Fahrenheit.